Saving Money On A Cruise

by Mike on May 28, 2008

While riding the train the other day, I heard a lady tell her friend that she and her family ran up a $3000+ bar tap during their recent cruise!  Ouch.

Alcohol is one of the items that cruise ships can really get you to run up a huge tab if you are not paying attention.  I don’t drink much but I had a few during my cruise and paid cash for all of them.  Paying cash is a great way to avoid accidentally running up a huge tab by charging it to your ship account.  Moderation would be helpful, too.

While most cruises these days are “all inclusive” their are still plenty of ways that you can spend more money than you were planning on a cruise.

For example, gambling.  Just like Vegas or the riverboats, casinos on the ship are an excellent way to lose a lot of money very quickly.  Again, using cash and/or only allowing yourself to use a predetermined amount of money per day is the best way to keep your losses at a level where you can walk away happy.

We also brought reusable water bottles that we would refill on the ship before leaving for our excursions.  On most of the days, the amount of water we carried ashore was enough to last until we got back on the ship easily saving us $5-10 dollars a day.

There is an article of on MSNBC that has a list of some ways you might end up spending more than you expected.  Some of them are easier to avoid then others but if you know about them in advance you can plan for ways to minimize the charges and properly budget the ones that you do not want to avoid.

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