Is It Better To Book A Cruise Early Or Late

by Mike on July 2, 2008

If you book a cruise at the last minute you can often get a lot of great deals as the cruise ships hope to fill all of the rooms.   But is that really the best way to plan a trip?

Pros of Booking A Trip Late

  • Cheaper rooms
  • Less time to sit  around waiting for the trip to start

Pros of Booking A Trip Early

  • Booking last second air fare can often eat up a lot of the savings that you get by scheduling the cruise at the last second.  You can often get better fares if you book them earlier.
  • More time to make vacation arrangements at work and for scheduling someone to take care of your house, kids (if they are staying behind), pets.
  • More time to save money to use on the trip.  If you schedule far enough in advance, you might actually have the trip paid off before you even leave.
  • More time to get passports.  If you are leaving from the US and heading to somewhere outside the US, you will need a passport and it takes time to get them.  You really can’t plan trips at the last second any more unless you already have a passport.
  • People can buy you day excursions, special services on the boat or pay a portion of your trip if you happen to have a birthday or Christmas between scheduling the trip
  • More time to buy vacation clothes and gear.

We had a great time on our last second cruise but some of that is we just really needed to get away.  We hadn’t been anywhere alone for that long in several years.

When I plan my next trip, I would prefer to book everything earlier and not feel so rushed getting it all taken care of.

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