European Cruises

by Mike on June 3, 2008

European cruises seem to be the rage these days if you believe everything you read on the internet.  With a wide variety of countries and cultures available in one compact spot as well as some amazing weather and food, the Mediterranean is a great destination.

But what cruises are actually available?

Royal Caribbean

Most of the Royal Caribbean European cruises depart from either Barcelona, Spain or Venice, Italy.  The cruises focus on some combination of destinations in Spain, all over Italy, the Greek islands and Turkey.  Prices for the cheapest rooms range from $599 for a 7 night cruise to $2149 for a 12 night cruise.  Most of the 7 or 8 night cruises are around $800-1000.

Carnival Cruise Lines

The Carnival Mediterranean cruises depart from Rome, Italy.  They seem to tend to be 12 night cruises hitting the same types of areas along southern Europe and the Greek islands with some also hitting Turkey.

Carnival also has several cruises traveling northern Europe and western.  They depart from London and either head down France, Spain and Italy or head east through Denmark, Germany, Russia, and Amsterdam.  They also seem to be more common as 12 night cruises with prices starting from $1299-1599.

No matter which cities you visit, there will be a wealth of culture, history, and exciting activities for everyone.

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