5 Things To Do On First Night Of Cruise

by Mike on February 13, 2008

Your exciting vacation cruise has left the port and headed into the open sea. It is not time to eat, yet, and you have already wandered around the ship to start to learn where everything is.

What should you do next?

Here are 5 things that you should do on the first night of your vacation cruise.


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As soon as your luggage shows up in your cabin, unpack everything. Pay special attention to where you put the suntan lotion so that you do not forget it when you wake up late and are rushed trying to get off the boat for your day of fun.

It will also help keep your formal clothes from getting wrinkled and in general just help you feel more settled.

One you are unpacked, toss your suitcases under your bed so they are completely out of your way. Most of the cabins are pretty small and the fewer things that are on the floor the better.

Go to gym

If you are planning on exercising, finding and using the gym the first night is a great way to keep yourself on track. During most of the rest of the trip, your legs will be tired from walking around all day. Plus, if you spend all day drinking margaritas on the beach or by the pool, you probably will not be able to use the gym very often during your cruise.

Order shore excursions

If you did not order your shore excursions when you scheduled your cruise take a few minutes and flip through the offerings and place your orders. Excursions will fill up quickly and your best chance of getting what you want is to make sure that you have everything scheduled before you go to bed the first night.

Ask for dinner time change

If your cruise has two dinner times and you would prefer to eat during the other one, talk to your waiter during dinner the first night. If there is space available during the other dinner, they will usually switch you to the other time slot for the rest of the cruise.

Crack open the safe

Put all of your important travel documents, and most of your cash and jewelry in the safe in your room. It might seem obvious but if you do not take care if it on the first night, you might have trouble locating the items later in the trip if your room gets a little cluttered.

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